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Kingswood Restaurant
Kingswood fine dining restaurant in Solihull, UK, is a prestigious culinary destination that is known for its sophisticated menu and exceptional dining experience. The restaurant boasts imaginative menus that embrace both classic and modern French/British cuisine, offering a truly elevated culinary experience.
Kingswood Restaurant

Our digital marketing agency recently completed a project for Kingswood, a fine dining restaurant located in Nuthurst Grange Hotel. Our team used a variety of tactics including email marketing, social media, paid social campaigns, and website optimization to promote the restaurant and increase the bookings, for lunch, dinner and traditional afternoon tea.

The Mission

Our project goal at Kingswood restaurant was threefold: to attract new diners, to re-activate previous guests, and to increase overall brand awareness.

We sought to achieve these goals by promoting the restaurant’s various menus, including Fine Dining, Lounge & Bar, Sunday lunch, and Afternoon tea, through a range of digital marketing tactics while showcasing the beautiful surroundings of the restaurant, being situated in the Warwickshire countryside.

Final Results

As a result of our digital marketing efforts, Kingswood restaurant saw a significant increase in website traffic and engagement on social media channels.

Specifically, website traffic increased by 40% in the first three months following the launch of our campaign, with click-through rates from email marketing increasing by 25%.

We also achieved a 30% increase in social media engagement, with our paid social campaigns generating a 15% conversion rate, resulting in over 2400 new covers for the restaurant.

Overall, our comprehensive digital marketing strategy helped Kingswood to increase brand awareness and drive more bookings, ultimately leading to a significant increase in revenue for the restaurant and the hotel.

How we Completed

We completed the project for Kingswood restaurant in 90-day cycles, focusing on promoting their fine dining aspect to affluent individuals on Facebook and Instagram.

Our paid social media campaigns showcased specific menu items and directed users to the Kingswood website, resulting in increased traffic and more bookings.

We also re-engaged with previous guests using weekly newsletters and promotions of new dishes created by the Head Chef, Matthew Beecham. Our targeted digital marketing strategy ultimately helped to drive revenue for the restaurant.


2021 Q4




Solihull, UK

The Main Highlights

Our project at Kingswood restaurant involved promoting its various dining rooms and menus through online channels. We focused on showcasing the unique features and ambience of each room, such as the Orangery, Hopwood, Earlswood, and Packwood, to attract different types of diners.

Additionally, we highlighted the different menus available, such as the Fine Dining and Lounge & Bar menu, to appeal to different tastes and preferences.