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The Stables Function Venue
The Stables, located in Warwickshire, United Kingdom, is a top-notch barn event venue where unforgettable moments are created and festivities come to life. From Sunday Brunches to Company parties, Weddings to Corporate events, Birthday parties to Funeral receptions, and even Workshops, a range of events can be held here.
The Stables Function Venue

The Stables function venue is a proud project of our digital marketing agency. We put our expertise to work to make this venue a true gem for events and special occasions.

From email marketing to paid social campaigns, web design to content marketing, our team has made sure that The Stables is at the forefront of the industry.

The Mission

The goal of our Stables project was to establish the venue as a leading destination for events, weddings and special occasions. Our team aimed to attract an extra 30% of event bookings in 2022 and increase brand awareness among potential clients by at least 20% in the Solihull area. 

Final Results

Despite the challenges, we were able to easily achieve 30% more event bookings in 2022 than our initial goal. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our targeted email marketing campaigns and paid social media advertising efforts. Furthermore, our work on web design and content marketing helped increase brand awareness among potential clients by over 28% in the Solihull area and a 15-mile radius.

How we Completed

The results we achieved with The Stables function venue project are a clear indication of the impact that a well-executed digital marketing campaign can have on the success of a business. Our email marketing campaigns targeted potential clients with personalized messaging and eye-catching graphics, while our paid social campaigns reached a wider audience through targeted advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


2021 Q4




Solihull, UK

The Main Highlights

Our digital marketing project for the Stables function venue consisted of establishing an online presence through a website showcasing the venue’s unique offerings for weddings, birthday parties, kids parties, Sunday brunches or even corporate meetings. The project also included targeted advertising campaigns, social media marketing through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, and paid social campaigns.